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‘’ My skin was full of acne marks and very sensitive, I used all the products in the shops even the most expensive ones and didn’t work. I used KHLOÉNOVA Detox Oil and Balm with the CBD gummies for less than 7 days and my skin got clear first the spots started to get flat then they disappeared, I couldn’t believe I didn’t have anything that worked before’’.

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‘’ I had a bad habit of squeezing my spots and they left very bad acne scars to a point that my skin was red very inflamed and sensitive. I used KHLOÉNOVA CBD body oil with the Detox Oil and Balm and in 60 days of using it , my friends start asking me what I’m using as there is huge change in my skin. I would highly recommend this product to anything that want to see change and see their skin glow’’.

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‘’ I always was using tablets drug to go sleep for years from now. I start using the KHLOÉNOVA CBD drops oil and Organic sleep tea , and I slept like a baby , I don’t use anymore  tablet and I’m more calm. I had also a chronical knee pain that I also was drinking for years tablets, I start using KHLOÉNOVA CBD Pain Balm and my pain went in just few hours.’’

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‘’ I injured my ankle as I was playing football, my ankle was inflamed  and

 hurting a lot . I was applying every 30 minutes KHLOÉNOVA CBD Pain Balm and in the morning my knee was with no pain the inflammation disappeared within 24hours. So happy , thank you KHLOÉNOVA Organic. ‘’

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